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Heidi Skolnik’s superpower is connecting with an audience of one or thousands and making messaging relatable and motivational. She educates and inspires people to achieve goals they thought were unattainable. Heidi has a decades-long record of improving the performance, health, and lives of people who need to achieve challenging goals in professional sports, Broadway shows, ballet, movies, TV, and all corners of the corporate world. She can do it for your audiences!

Motivational & Educational Speaker

Heidi treats each speaking engagement with a creative approach and customizes her presentations to work most effectively at educating and motivating each individual audience. She crafts her treasure trove of knowledge and experience into precisely the language her audiences need to hear it in to move toward better performance at work and in life. Sometimes her presentations are 60 minutes, but she is equally effective at changing mindsets about health and nutrition in 60 seconds! Above is an example of one of Heidi’s Digestible Bites.

Topics Include:


Nourish Success - Learn What Pro Athletes and Performance Artists Do That Could Work For YOU! 


Improve Your Day - Eating For Vitality While Living Hectic Lifestyles


Stop Moralizing and Start Normalizing Food Choices - Have greater food satisfaction, more energy, and better performance in life!


Busting Food Myths


Body Image, Media, Mind Games, and Food - How to survive it all and thrive!

Eat The Cookie! And Other Surprising Advice From Your Sports Nutritionist!


Clients call on Heidi to be their spokesperson to deliver their message,  grab the attention of their audiences, and make their points resonate powerfully and effectively. Heidi is a go-to expert and spokesperson, appearing on TV news & entertainment shows, conference panels, webcasts, radio shows, podcasts, satellite tours, and live events. She persuades, educates, and motivates audiences ranging from the public to the media and within all types of corporate organizations.


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